I racconti del lavoro invisibile è un opera-progetto di contaminazione tra diverse discipline artistiche che intende esplorare in chiave crossmediale le trasformazioni del lavoro contemporaneo a partire dalle donne, dalla natura gratuita, flessibile, affettiva e relazionale del loro operare: dimensioni di cura trasformate in pratiche produttive che hanno riformulato l’intera struttura del mondo del lavoro, coinvolgendo allo stesso tempo donne e uomini.

Tales of invisible labor

24 febbraio 2015

Via della Lungara 19 | via San Francesco di Sales 1/a (Casa internazionale delle donne)

Tales of invisible labor

International Women’s House (Casa Internazionale delle Donne)
Via Lungara 19 – Via San Francesco di Sales 1/a – Rome
26- 28 February 2015 / 5.30 pm-11.00 pm

Remixing the historical footage of the Audiovisual Archive of the Labor and Democratic Movement (AAMOD), the analyzes of contemporary feminism, augmented reality, 3D mapping, audio documentary, interactive art in the public space, the Tales of invisible labor  (I racconti del lavoro invisibile) project, co-produced with the cultural association Per and the online magazine Bebelmed.net attempts to outline a new imagination of contemporary labor, more and more feminized, that is modeled on the way women work – inside and outside the home – and how the labor market has treated them since they have entered it.

The tales are to be seen, heard and experienced on February 26 (Thursday), February 27 (Friday) and February 28 (Saturday) from 5.30 pm to 11.00 pm at the International Women’s House in Rome (Casa internazionale delle donne), which in past was a place of imprisonment and re-education through work and prayer for the “astray” young women.

Caring, ability to manage relationships and solve problems, spirit of sacrifice, gratuitousness, flexibility, mobility, multitasking – skills required today from everyone looking for a job – are historically the specific characteristics of the so-called “care work” that women have always provided – without being paid – in their home and for their families. Characteristics that they took with them to the labor market, when they started to enter it in droves.

All three days, from 5.30 pm to 11.00 pm:

Lavoratoio: site-specific video projection in 3D mapping on the facade of the courtyard, from the audiovisual laboratory coordinated by Antonio Venti and Carlo Antonicelli, with excerpts from the films Giovanna by Gillo Pontecorvo, Sabato, Domenica e Lunedi and Analisi del Lavoro by Ansano Giannarelli, and Essere Donne by Cecilia Mangini, the designs of Chiara Mangia and music by Pierfilippo Di Sorte aka F.elipe, Deviance, 677, Total Valium from the Blackwater Label.

Invisible cleaning, or “I passed from here”. Sound fragments: sound installation in different places (usually not easily accessible to the public) of the International Women’s House, realized by audio documentary maker Andrea Giuseppini, bringing to light the most invisible work of all, that is done before and after the others’ work, that is notices only when it is not done…

The wor-K-LD-DS experienced: presented live every day at 9.00 pm at the Simonetta Tosi Hall, this is a multimedia work in progress by artist Maria Chiara Calvani. Composed of writing, drawing, photography and video, results of a research into the work gestures in the public space, with people encountered during urban routes in the neighborhoods of Torpignattara, Quadraro, Centocelle, San Basilio, Rebibbia, Garbatella, Primavalle, Nomentana taking part in.

- Tales of invisible labor – Lab: short films realized in the audiovisual laboratory will be screened every day from 8.30 pm to 11.00 pm in the meeting room on the ground floor. The screenings include the triptych Beatrice, Margarita and Ilaria, Visti dalle Altre and Giovanna e le Altre realized in collaboration with Strane Straniere and Asinitas, respectively, and the original short film Il Mistero dei Dischi Volanti, realized by Benedetta Del Piano with the direction by Silvia Lucarelli and photography by Floriana Cyril as part of a PhD on care work.

- Tales of invisible labor: augmented reality course consisting of small original short films made by participants of the audiovisual laboratory project, sound bites, almost unknown fragments of masterpieces of AAMOD, accessible with smartphones and tablets via a QR code disseminated in the International Women’s House, which will document the relational, affective and multifaceted nature of the feminized labor.

The restaurant of the International Women’s House, L’una e L’altra, will be open for aperi-dinner, served from 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm, serving hot and cold, bio and km 0 food, with the special price of 12 euros including the drinks.

The Tales of invisible labor project

Tales of invisible labor is a project, promoted by Audiovisual Archive of the Labor and Deomcratic Movement (AAMOD), in collaboration with the Per association, the online magazine Babelmed and the International Women’s House (Casa internazionale delle donne) in Rome. The project is funded by the Culture, Creativity and Artistic Promotion Council – Culture Department of the Municipality of Rome, and is part of the “Rome in the winter” initiative.

AAMOD aims to valorize innovatively the precious and largely unpublished historical cinematographic sources in its vast archive, making them interact with the courses traced by the artists, documentary makers, and cultural operators involved.

The project is launched on January 29, and has also included:

– the collaboration with Asinitas, Assomoldave and Strane Straniere associations, with which screenings of AAMOD’s films were organized, reserved for immigrant women participating in their activities, to grasp their look on feminine work in Italy (Visti dalle altre – Seen by the others)

– four meetings dedicated to Parole e immagini (Words and pictures), in which the story of feminization of labor from the past to the present was expressed through films, audio documentaries, reportages, novels and essays. On January 29 with C’era una volta la fabbrica (Once upon a time, there was the factory); on February 5 with Volevo i pantaloni (I wanted trousers); February 12 with Il lato invisibile della migrazione (The invisible side of migration); February 19 with Mi piego ma non mi spezzo (I bend but I dont brake) on the strategies to address the jobs crisis.

– In a theater-philosophy workshop, realized with the methodology of the Teatro dell’Oppresso and facilitated by OIivier Malcor and Teresa Di Martino, turned into the “Contiamoci!” show of theater forum, staged on February 7.
The narration of the Tales of invisible labor

The website www.iraccontidellavoroinvisibile.it documents in real-time all the creative course, making the work behind the scenes of the project visible, also – through a special Focus by Teresa Di Martino and Cristiana Scoppa - the course of theoretical reflection and research, that today offers a new perspective to look at the transformation of the labor – and life – market in progress.
Media partners of the project are Babelmed and il lavoro culturale.

Facebook: I racconti del lavoro invisibile

Twitter: #@RaccontiLav #lavoro invisibile

The Italian promotional video, produced by the participants of the Audio

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